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A Bit About Us

London Bridge Amateur Radio Association  became a charter member of ARRL June 20th, 1981. 

LBARA is a nonprofit 501(C)3 corporation.  

  • LBARA is involved in many community projects. 

  • Every October the club members provide communication services for the Lake Havasu City London Bridge Days parade celebration.

  • LBARA Provides three communication repeaters for the Lake Havasu region.

  • Supports an emergency station at our local Hospital.

  • Maintains a mobile go box for any situation that may need a mobile station.

  • Provides yearly training and preparation for acquiring an Amateur Radio License.

  • Provides training to members for handling emergency situations.

  • Provides monthly meeting for friendship and learning.

Emergency Go box

LBARA is a community involved Amateur Radio Club

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